Gas filled lamps DLed of "Evolution" series


New   gas  filled Dled  lamps  of «EVOLUTION» series with high  technical data came to replace  old  glow  lamps. The  gas  filled  lamps   differ from  halogen  ones by  bigger  brightness and   glow tint.

The   gas filled  lamps  are  the sources  of  light  the  shell  of  which  contains the  vapors  of  nitrogen,  krypton,  argon and  xenon. The combination  of such  gases  significantly  increases the  brightness  of  lamp. The  increased  brightness of   halogen  lamps gains   more  popularity  among car  owners.   Besides  this  rare  gases allow  to  increase the  service  life  of  lamps as they   prevent   wolfram  on the   walls  of the  shell deposit.

The   installation  of  gas filled  lamps do  not  require specific conditions  and  manipulations, but some conditions  should  be  observed  in  order to  increase the  lamp's service  life.  Do not touch  lamp with   hands,   use gloves.  Wipe   lamp with  fat-free   liquid.  The  fat  trace on the  shell can damage   glass by thus  damaging the  lamp.  Disconnect  lamp   before  installation.


 The  gas filled  lamps   of  new  generation   have  wide selection  of caps, which  allow  individual  selection  of  source  light. Lamps Dled  have engraving  of  manufacturing company  on the cap with the specification  of  type,  tension and capacity. Gas filled  lamps Dled "Evolution" have 4 series: white 12 V, white 24V,  yellow 12 V and  yellow  24V.  Each series has specific  type  of  packing: blue,  violet,  yellow and green.  The service life  of  gas filled  lamps are  the same as  halogen  ones, but they   have  brighter  light.

The  lamp with   yellow  light  will  be  perfectly suitable  for car  owners who  make  frequent  trips  on  highways  or  live  in the  cities with   difficult weather conditions. Gas filled  lamps  of white color will   be  suitable  for  car  owners  living  in the cities  with  streets and highways  good  lighting.

The  luminous   flux  of  gas filled  lamps  is higher than the  one  of  usual   glow  lamps.   Just to compare the glow  lamp  has  luminous flux  of 1200-1300 lumen  while  gas filled lamp "Evolution White"  has the   luminous flux  of 2300  lumens. The   increase glow  brightness allows the  illumination  of bigger  part  of  road by thus  providing  safe   trip at night and  in case  of difficult weather conditions.

Gas- filled  lamps Dled "Evolution"  possess  new  technical  characteristics allowing  their numerous and  diversified  usage and  individual approach  towards the  selection  of car  lamps.

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  • Gas filled lamps DLed of "Evolution" series

    Gas filled  lamps DLed of "Evolution" series

     The   quality  of  road  illumination  is   one  of the  conditions  of   safe driving.  The car   owners   pay  great attention   to  front  lights  installed  in the  car. Ordinary  lamps  in lights can't  fully  guaranty the  lighting  in  difficult  weather conditions and  at  night. Technical  progress constantly brings  various  innovation, and the  sphere  of car  lighting  is not  an exception. Many years of  researches and  experiments allowed  to create  quality  new  product at car  light market.

  • We have launched sales of new day running LED lights DRL URAL 1 CHROME White/Black

    We have launched sales of new day running LED lights DRL URAL 1 CHROME White/Black

    The equipment with DIP LED is much cheaper than the lights with HP.  It  is justified by the  fact that the first  option  is designed for  transport  identification  only and the  second is designed  only for road  lighting. The lights capacity is another important criterion. 

  • New lamps SMD3014 with caps W5W, P21W, P21/5W

    New lamps SMD3014 with caps W5W, P21W, P21/5W

    New lamps SMD3014 with caps W5W, P21W, P21/5W

  • LED lamps with rare caps PY24W, PSX26W, PSX24W

    LED  lamps with  rare  caps PY24W, PSX26W, PSX24W

    We  have new   LED  lamps   with  rare  caps PY24W, PSX26W and PSX24W.  finally  the car  owners  with  such  caps  have the possibility to   change  ordinary  halogen  lamps into  new  more  modern the LED ones. Cap PY24W  is  usually  used for   turn   and alarm   indicators. PSX26W and PSX24W are  usually  used for the  installation  into   front anti-fog  light and  day  running lights.

  • Gas filled lamps H15, H16 and H11B of “DAWN” series

    Gas  filled  lamps H15, H16 and H11B of “DAWN” series

    We  have  new  gas  filled  lamps  with H11B, H15 and  H16 caps  of  "DAWN" series.  Such  lamps  have specific  mixture of  several  gases: argon, halogen and xenon. Such  technology  allows  to  increase  brightness and  service  life   of the lamp.

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